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Um, wait...WHAT?!?

. . . everything your mom, sisters, friends and the universe never bothered to f&%*in' tell you.
Whether it be trauma, illness or just struggles in life where you are looking for support (or you just want to share your story to help others) we are here for you.


The catalyst for "Um Wait, WHAT?!?" was a conversation with two dear friends, Friend 1, who had just given birth prematurely (after multiple courses of IVF), and Friend 2, who, unbenounced to me, was going through the EXACT SAME TRAUMA. 


While discussing Friend 1's experience with the birth of her first baby boy, we talked about how, although women have been experiencing childbirth and infertility for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, none of us really knew what was coming for Friend 1, at which time we turned to each other and said, almost in unison, "What the f&*%?!?"

After a quick collaboration (and realizing that comedian Mark Maron had already stolen the podcast name "WTF" 10 years earlier), "Um wait, WHAT?!?" was born (so to speak) . . .


What's Up?

Chat with you soon!

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